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Order Resources Department

Order resources department is responsible for selection, order and preparation of Persian, Arabic and Latin books (Printed and electronic). This process is as follows: checking resource requirement of all users (faculty members, students, staffs and free members)

Checking Requirement Process

 Sending a letter through automation system about required resources at the beginning of the semesters to the faculties and printed catalogs and CDs of special publishers to the professors in different fields through automation system and printed version to purchase them from International Book Fair, placing order forms in different parts of library and consulting with the librarians for the books that are required by the clients, receiving required resources’ order through  meeting the privates, phone call, library software, cyber space and sending E-mail to the order resources department. Making a plan to allocate the current budget for the internal and external orders based on prioritization and allocated portions to the different departments in the colleges, Coordinating the Resource Selection Committee meetings, providing and purchasing the printed resources in Persian, Arabic and Latin from International Book Fair of Tehran, the provincial book fair, the specialist publishers, internet sites and book brokers. Ordering and supplying Latin electronic resources to achieve the purpose of the digital library, receiving books, assigning registry numbers, sealing the books, paying the factors and properties’ receipt, and sending them to the cataloging department, holding a book fair for the new books in library’s collections, offering necessary reports on the purchase of the resources, the books and endowed collections and giving them to the higher officials. Training the interns and the students who take a job and collaborating on the training workshops about presentation of the library and its services and responsible for the issues which are related to separating and weeding of the extra books and determining the status of the missing books and purchasing them.

 Donate Sources Department (Shiraz University Libraries Regulation, 14 the Article)

The Central Library of Shiraz University is awarded with numerous books and donates collections (general and specialty) from  atural persons (the elders in Fars province and Iran, professors, students) and
juridical person (publishers, Universities, institution, governmental and non-governmental organization). This process is as follows:

 Sending the titles of the books and collections from the donator to Order Resources Department, checking them through library’s software and if it is necessary, viewing and distinguishing useful resources and reporting the results to the natural and juridical donators according to the approved regulation, accepting and performing the process of donative resources according to the .approved regulation, exchanging and donating the resources to other libraries