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The thesis section is located on the third floor of the library, with a total of over 5000 titles in the Farsi and Arabic languages and 940 titles in English (English and English language courses) until September 2012 in undergraduate degrees. Senior and Ph.D. are ready to meet the needs of educational and research clients. It is set up with Dewey's system and is searchable and retrieved through search engines like other print sources.

To use the Thesis section, the following points are required:

When using the thesis section, it is required to have a student card

Students from other universities (azad, payamnour, ...) are required to receive daily use notes

Theses are not lent

It is forbidden to take theses to other parts of the library

Imaging of theses is prohibited

A maximum of 20 pages can be copied from each dissertation

To find theses in the library software, visit http://azarsa.shirazu.ac.ir

Each student can use only two dissertations simultaneously and during the day one can use up to four dissertation