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The Department of Education of the Central Library and Documentation Center of Shiraz University has been pursuing the following measures in order to develop systematic education, increase professional knowledge of the members and increase the quality of services, improve the skills of students and improve the level of information of users and university students:

Provide facilities and facilities for educational assistance programs with students and users

Holding specialized training courses

Contribute to the promotion of university education and research

Assisting in the promotion of research at the university

Optimization of scientific behavior, scientific ethics and social-scientific activities of users

Helping to create innovative thinking such as the utilization of service and information resources

Updating general knowledge and new skills for users in terms of entrepreneurship and revenue generation for users and members

Review, coordinate and support the academic community's proposed programs to optimize the educational  course

Set up Q & A sessions

This unit designs and executes training courses throughout the academic year by educating the users of the curriculum

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