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Digitization of resources

 The Central Library and Documentation Center of Shiraz University, which currently has 1045 manuscripts and 342 titles of lithography and lead, plus the collection of ancient lithography and lead from the Asian collection and donated by Sadegh Chubak, has been added to it.
Of the existing manuscript series, 100 versions have been repaired and repaired. The descriptive list of the Transformation Collection from the Allamah Tabatabai Library was also prepared by Haj Aqa Barakat (including 300 sets), which is listed in the Copywriting, Third Office (2006).
 The Digital University of Shiraz has officially begun its work since 2014, and now it has imported over 1290 titles of English ebooks in the library software and 360 ebooks have been purchased. Some resources are provided through the exchange with other centers and libraries and the donation of books by professors, faculty members, and college libraries. Another purpose of this section is to provide resources that are not in the collection and are ordered through users. These resources are purchased after reviewing the experts of the department and according to the policies of the library and included in the collection.