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Educational Workships

Education Department

The education department of the Central Library and Documentation Center of Shiraz University has done the following proceedings since the year 2015 to develop systematic education, increasing professional knowledge of the members and quality of the services, improvement of the skills in students and the level of information in users and students:

Providing facilities and educational assistant projects for the students and the users

Holding the specific training courses.

Contributing to upgrade educational value and research in the university.

Contributing to upgrade research level in the university.

Optimizing the scientific behavior and ethics in social-scientific activities of the users

Helping to create innovative thoughts such as the utilization of the services and information resources.

Updating the general knowledge and new skills in the users in terms of entrepreneurship and revenue of the users and the members

Reviewing, coordinating and supporting the academic community's proposed programs to optimize the educational course

Setting up Q & A sessions

This department designs the training courses and execute them in the academic year by educating the users of the curriculum

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