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History Kharazmi library

The book is the most important need of centers and institutions for the education, research and production of science. Undoubtedly, scientific progress and the development of human civilization are due to the recording of new scientific information and findings and the transfer of it to researchers and future generations through the provision of various sources, and thus the scientists have divided the history of science into two periods before the invention and then thereafter they do.

In 1343, with the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering, a library with 22 dictionary, in the vicinity of the engineering classrooms, began. The library, after the development of the school building, has a study hall, a newspaper hall, and a limited number of librarians in the second floor of the engineering school.

The new building of the library, named Abu abdullah  Kharazmi, a prominent Muslim mathematician and father of algebra and calculus altogether with an area of 7220 square meters in eight and a half dipped and various sections were used in 1371. It has an amphitheater, a central heating and cooling system, an automatic fire extinguishing system, an emergency power system and many more.

Kharazmi library has one of the richest technical and engineering resources in the country and has a capacity of 700 people simultaneously.