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Special collections

Professor Pope

The Professor Pope Collection includes 2782 titles of Persian books and journals and 8972 titles of Latin books and journals about history, civilization, arts and archeology of Iran that  were donated to Shiraz University by Professor Arthur Iham Pope, an Iranologist and Orientalist author. The classification system is Library of Congress (LC). After searching and retrieving required resources and presenting their specifications to the responsible librarian, the students can read the books or borrow them.

United Nations Collection 

In the late 1960's, Shiraz University has been selected as a deposit library of the United Nations and since then the library receives the copy of the publications from that institution or its subordinated organizations such as UNESCO, World Health Organization, FAO and UNICEF. Now, the United Nations often puts its documents on the site electronically. The publication of this institution printed in English language are accessible by pressing ctrl + mouse click(simultaneously) on this link: http://documents.un.org or visiting the database page at Shiraz University Website.

 Abbaspour Collection

A collection of 3000 copies of Persian books that were donated by Mr. Seyyed Hossein Abbaspour to the Central Library and Documentation Center of Shiraz University and they keep under his supervision. This collection is mainly about contemporary history and literature of Iran. The classification system of this collection is Dewey and its resources can be merely used in the library and they are not borrowed. The resources of this collection can be retrieved through search engines, as well.