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Service Kharazmi Library

Welfare and Facilities:

To provide more services to the users, Kharazmi library considers these welfares and facilities:

Kharazmi Hall

The library’s amphitheater with capacity of 340 people is a good place to hold the meetings, scientific conferences and different ceremonies.

Kharazmi Chapel

This place is used for the invocations and congregational prayers in the noon and afternoon.

Kharazmi Copy Center

This center offers the copy services for the books, the publications and other documents and other services such as binding, typing and printing.


This hall is located in the outer area of the library and has the sportive and fitness equipment for the professors, staff and students in engineering colleges.

Buffet and Cafeteria of Kharazmi

It offers hot and cold drinks, snacks and prepared meals, especially during the exams and economizes time and money for the students.

Game Net Zang Tafrih

This site is located in the library’s basement and with appropriate facilities and creates a recreational place for the students’ rest time.

Other Facilities in Lobby

Vending machine - Mobile Phone Battery Charger - Microwave Oven - Automatic Waxing Machine