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History of Kharazmi Library

History of Kharazmi Library

The books are the most important and essential requirement in the scientific centers and the institutions for education, research and scientific generation. Undoubtedly, scientific progress and development in human civilization are caused by registration of new scientific information and findings and then transmitting them to the researchers and the next generations through preparation of different resources, so the history of science has been divided into two periods by the scientists: before and after printing.

The activity of this library began in 1343 with twenty two dictionaries in vicinity of the engineering classrooms after college of Engineering was established. After developing the building, the library had the study and journal halls with some librarians in second floor of the engineering college.

The new building of the library was inaugurated in 1371 with an area of 7220 square meters in eight and a half floors and different departments named Abu Abdullah  Kharazmi , a prominent Muslim mathematician and founder of algebra and calculus. This complex has amphitheater, central heating and cooling system, automatic fire extinguishing system, emergency power system and other facility.

Kharazmi library has the richest resources about technical and engineering in the country and can receive 700 people simultaneously.