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History of Mulla Sadra Library

History of Mulla Sadra Library

The Mulla Sadra Library is located in the Science College of the Shiraz University that bears the name of Sadr al-Mutawalaeen (Mulla Sadra)- a philosopher in the eleventh century- and was previously known as the Library of Science and Arts.

This library was founded in the early 1340s as the central library of Shiraz University and started its function as a university library.

The Mulla Sadra library is one of the richest academic libraries because of its rich resources including the books, the dissertations and the journals. This library is considered as a sole place in the South which conserves the resources about basic sciences. From 1999, it became a member in Ghadir project, so it gives the services to the members: universities and the organizations. According to this project, M.A and Ph.D. students   from every region of Iran come to this library for borrowing the books or using the resources.

 In addition to the wide services for the Shiraz University’s staff, this library gives the services to other universities and scientific centers such as Payame Noor University, Shiraz University of Technology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Yasuj University, schools, various executive organizations in the province and country.

Mulla Sadra Library is the first Library in Shiraz University with a computer system and it is functioned by general software, Pars Azarakhsh. The mechanization of this library was done within a year and a half by efforts of the staff in Mulla Sadra library, so the works which are related to book lending; cataloging and registration of the journals are carried out by the computer. Since the resources increased in this library, it was necessary to build a new building to develop it.

The reference hall is located on the third floor, the management, orders department for journals and articles are located on the first floor. The building is equipped with a central heating and cooling system, fire extinguishing system, Data Gate security system and closed-circuit television camera. Now, the old building of Mulla Sadra Library is dedicated to the journal department while some spaces are dedicated to study hall and the copy shop is located there, as well. Currently, the library’s manager is Dr. Khani, and the number of the staff is twenty who work in different departments.