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History of Art and architecture library

History of Art and Architecture Library

This library began its work in 1998 with foundation of Arts and Architecture College in Shiraz University.

The first building of Art and Architecture College was opened in September 2000 at a beautiful and worthy space with the efforts of a generous man, late Ahmad Nader Kazemi. At the same time, the library of the College moved to the second floor of the building and resumes its activity.

The Library of Arts and Architecture College has undergone its developmental process and its initial progress in recent years. Nowadays, this special library has comprehensive resources in the field of art, architecture and urban engineering in the south of the country that gives the service to the faculty members and the students of Shiraz University and other universities and research institutes.

The library’s services such as cataloging, preparation, searching and lending the books are done electronically after purchasing Pars Azarakhsh software by Vice-Chancellor of the University Research. Now, the resources can be searched using internet after installation of Pars Azarsa Software in this website:  http://azarsa.shirazu.ac.ir/faces/home.jspx