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Forms And Regulation

The Regulation of the library for Professors, Students and Staffs

The library members and the number of permitted books to be borrowed are as follow:

Faculty: 10 books, one semester

Master Students: 7 books, one month

Bachelor Students and Staff: five books, two weeks

The library do not lend these resources: reference books, periodicals, theses, audiovisual resources and software

The students of Shiraz University can borrow the book by presenting the student cards and the students can extend those resources two time, if the other students do not reserve them.

In the case of any defect in the books, inform the staff in circulation Desk. Otherwise, the Borrower will be liable for the defects.

Stay in the place until your lending card is dispensed, if that is not dispensed, the books are still in your possession.

The forfeit of delay is 100 Toman per day for the borrowed books and 50 Toman per day for the reserved books. From one week to the exams until the last day, this amount becomes doubled.

If the books are lost, the borrower must return the same book and if it is not possible, the price of the books are determined based on the latest prices in new catalogs.