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(History of Shahid hasheminezhad library (veterinary

History of Shahid hasheminezhad library 

Shahid Hashemi  Nejad is a special library about  veterinary medicine that is designed for requirement of the students, the professors and the researchers in education and research and it is one of the richest library in the field of veterinary medicine and its tendencies.

In this library, books, publications, dissertations, articles and electronic resources are collected and organized in the field of veterinary medicine and related sciences.

This library has 19786 volumes of Persian and Latin books.

The construction of the Hashemi-Nezad Library began in 1991 after making cartography and has been ended in 2004. This library was located in basic science college previously. Shahid Hasheminejad Library is located in the first floor of administration building with an area more than 1500 square meters.


Ordering the articles from inside and outside of the country

 Lending among the libraries of Shiraz University

 Copy and duplicate services

 Cooperation with Amin and Ghadir Project