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Department Law and political science library


This department carries out the necessary coordination for the library’s affair such as planning, supervising the library, reflecting the issues and problems to the management  of the Central Library and Documentation Center, guiding the faculty members and the students to retrieve the necessary resources in the databases and software of the library, Receiving library’s orders, bookbinding, following the registration affairs for the new entrant students, following the technical affairs (such as software, problems of the books, cataloging, etc.) and administrative affairs (such as preparing necessary requirements, participating in the sessions, offering  necessary  information and giving the reports)

Circulation Desk

This part carries out the services such as lending (regular and salon), delivering, protracting and reserving for the books and lending for the thesis and journals to use in the study hall, controlling the members' information and correcting that information if it is necessary and guiding the students in using the library software, repository of the books and the journals. It must be said that controlling entry and exit of the members is done by the staff, as well.


Depository of Persian, Arabic and Latin books

Depository of Arabic and Persian book contains 30,500 books and depository of Latin books has 3200 volumes. This depository is open for the respected professors and the graduate students, and the users can choose their resources and recourse to circulation desk to lend them.


Thesis is one of the most important resources for research that are constantly used by the researchers, the professors and the students. According to the Libraries’ Regulations of Shiraz University, these resources can be used merely in the study hall and making photography from them is prohibited and fifteen pages can be copied from them utmost.


This part contains 412 titles of Persian and Latin journals that are lending to the users to use in the study hall.

Reference Resources

This part contains Latin, Persian and Arabic reference books (legal codes, encyclopedias and the dictionaries from law and political science, etc.) and the users can study their required resources in the library.